ztemplates web framework

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ztemplates is a easy to learn open source web framework based on Java jdk1.5 or later. It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License It runs in any Servlet Spec 2.4 or later compliant web-container, like apache tomcat 6.
ztemplates supports Apache Velocity, JSP and FreeMarker out of the box and can easily be extended to your preferred rendering technology.
It has annotation based support for JavaScript libraries. The AJAX form support is based on the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) JavaScript library.


• based on annotations and autodiscovery
• no XML configuration
• statefree
• no constraints on the url format
• REST-ful urls: define variables in the url and map them to pojo properties
• robust refactoring-safe urls by two way pojo-to-url and url-to-pojo annotation based mapping
• annotation based AJAX and JavaScript support. Declare needed css, javascript in annotations.
• automatic javascript aggregation and compression (JSMin and gzip)
• selfcontained components. Components can be packaged into a jar and installed by dropping the jar into WEB-INF/lib
• flexible rendering engine supports major templating technologies like JSP, Velocity, FreeMarker
• ztemplates is a filter that passes through urls it cannot match so you can transparently add it to or remove it from your existing webapp.


• http://www.ztemplates.org/
• http://download.huihoo.com/ztemplates/