ZK - Direct RIA

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ZK is Ajax Java framework without JavaScript. With direct RIA, 170+ Ajax components and markup languages, developing Ajax/RIA as simple as desktop apps and HTML/XUL pages. Support JSF/JSP/JavaEE/Hibernate/.., and Ajax script in Java/Ruby/Groovy/Python/..


• ZK中文开发手册 3.5.1
• ZK Developer's Guide Version 3.0.4
• ZK Developer's Reference Version 3.0.4
• ZK Quick Start Guide Version 3.0.4
• ZK JSP Tags User Guide Version 1.2
• ZK Studio User Guide Version 0.5.2
• ZK Mobile for Android The Quick Start Guide Version 0.8.1
• ZK Mobile The Quick Start Guide Version 0.8.6


• http://www.zkoss.org/
• http://sourceforge.net/projects/zk1/
• http://download.huihoo.com/zk/