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Sequoia is a new version of C-JDBC available under an Apache license.

Sequoia is the core technology providing database clustering capabilities. It is composed of a controller implementing the RAIDb (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Databases)∞ technology.

Sequoia controllers are replicated for HA and scalability purposes. Controllers use group communication to synchronize the cluster. Hedera∞ is a group communication wrapper that can be plugged to work with multiple group communication implementations such as Appia∞, JGroups or Spread.

Sequoia comes with a JDBC driver for Java application. Additional drivers for PHP, Perl, ODBC∞, MySQL native API∞ and C/C++ applications are also provided through the Carob project∞. with transparent failover capabilities.

Sequoia 3.0 manuals

• Sequoia Basic Concepts
• Sequoia Installation And Configuration Guide
• Sequoia Management Guide