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Other Books by David Medinets

PHP3: Programming Browser-Based Applications
by David Medinets

Table of Contents

  1. What Is PHP?
  2. Installing PHP
  3. Manipulating Data with PHP
  4. Controlling Your Programs
  5. Interlude: Connecting to A Database
  6. Databases and SQL
  7. Interlude: Maintaining a List
  8. phpMyAdmin
  9. Pattern Matching
  10. Classes
  11. Interlude: The HTML Layout Class
  12. What Is CGI?
  13. Authentication
  14. Real-world SQL
  15. Interlude: Managing Concurrent Access
  16. What is XML?
  17. Interlude: Processing XML with PHP
  1. Internet Resources
  2. ASCII Table
  3. SQL Reference
  4. PHP Function List
  5. What's On The CD?

Code Listings

Note: Eventually all of the code listings will be available on this site. My target date for availability is Aug 3, 1999.