PHP Documentation HOWTO

Stig Sæther Bakken
Daniel Beckham
Gábor Hojtsy
Martin Jansen
Jirka Kosek
Philip Olson
Anatoly Techtonik
Jakub Vrana
Jeroen van Wolffelaar


Table of Contents
About This Document
1. Disclaimer
2. Credits
3. Feedback
I. Getting Started
1. The PHP Documentation Framework
2. Tools and Setup Instructions
3. Working with CVS
4. About the DocBook Standard
II. Working with the PHP Documentation
5. File Overview
6. Conventions
7. What to Document?
8. Documentation Skeletons
9. Information for Translators
10. Mailing Lists, Newsgroups and CVS Modules
11. User Note Editing Guidelines
12. Automatization with scripts
13. Miscellaneous Notes
III. Generating Documentation and Validating
14. The Makefile
15. Validating Changes
16. Viewing Your Changes
17. The Online Generation System
IV. Using Editors
18. Working with Emacs
19. Working with vi