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The Open Web SSO project (OpenSSO) provides core identity services to simplify the implementation of transparent single sign-on (SSO) as a security component in a network infrastructure. OpenSSO provides the foundation for integrating diverse web applications that might typically operate against a disparate set of identity repositories and are hosted on a variety of platforms such as web and application servers. This project is based on the code base of Sun Java System Access Manager, a core identity infrastructure product offered by Sun Microsystems.


• J2EE Agent Architecture Open Web Single Sign-On v1.0
• System Architecture Open Federation v1.0
• Use Cases Open Federation v1.0
• OpenSSO Development Process Version 0.3 (Draft)
• OpenSSO WS-Federation How-to
• Building, Deploying and Configuring Web ARchive,OpenSSO
• OpenSSO 8.0
• OpenSSO 7.1


• OpenSSO Homepage
• OpenSSO Wikipedia
• OpenSSO Download