OpenPCD - Open RFID reader

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OpenPCD is a free hardware design for Proximity Coupling Devices (PCD) based on 13,56MHz communication. This device is able to screen informations from Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICC) conforming to vendor-independent standards such as ISO 14443, ISO 15693 as well as proprietary protocols such as Mifare Classic. Contactless cards like these are for example used in the new electronic passports.

The intention of the OpenPCD project is to offer the users full hardware control of the RFID signal and to provide different output signals for screening the communication. With already existing Free Software from the OpenMRTD project for implementing the PCD side protocol stack of various RFID protocols, this project will happily extend the free toolchain around RFID verification.


• Practical RFID Attacks: writing, sniffing & emulating 13.56MHz RFID tags with OpenPCD and OpenPICC hardware (2007)
• OpenPCD introduction and firmware architecture (2006)
• OpenPCD hardware description (2006)