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OpenCms is a professional level Open Source Website Content Management System. OpenCms helps to create and manage complex websites easily without knowledge of html. An integrated WYSIWYG editor with a user interface similar to well known office applications helps the user creating the contents, while a sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide corporate layout. As true Open Source software, OpenCms is completely free of licensing costs.

OpenCms Days 2009

OpenCms Days 2008

• Conference Opening Keynote - Status of the OpenCms project
• OpenCms at the Royal Library of Denmark
• Building Dynamic Websites with OpenCms and jQuery
• Change & Challenge: Switching 15 complex insurance sites to OpenCms
• Secrets of using the OpenCms CRE
• - a global flash based site with OpenCms
• Leveraging the Direct Manipulation Capabilities of OpenCms by Introducing a Page Definition Layer
• OpenCms in Spain
• Using and extending OpenCms search capabilities
• A Guide to the Java Open Source Web Content Management Landscape
• Advanced usage of OpenCms multi site functionality
• Discussing OpenCms Workplace usability for editors of corporate websites
• Build Procedure for OpenCms based Projects using Maven 2
• Qimonda Intranet: creative, passionate and fast
• Single sign-on enabled OpenCms
• OpenCms @ Bayer
• Developing custom widgets in OpenCms
• Breaking down the door: OpenCms in the UK market
• Do you speak ... ? - Integration of other scripting languages than JSP


• 基于OpenCms的IPTV环境搭建解决方案
• OpenCms的JBPM模块使用手册
• Tomcat 5.X 和 Mysql 5.X上安装自己编译的OpenCms 7.0.1
• OpenCms统计报表模块
• OpenCms的OSWorkflow模块使用手册
• IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1上安装自己编译的OpenCms 6.2.x