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OpenCA, officially the OpenCA PKI Research Labs and formerly the OpenCA Project, is a PKI collaborative effort to develop a robust, full-featured and Open Source out-of-the-box Certification Authority implementing the most used protocols with full-strength cryptography. OpenCA is based on many Open-Source Projects. Among these there are OpenLDAP, OpenSSL and Apache Project.

The project development is divided in two main tasks: studying and refining the security scheme that guarantees the best model to be used in a Certification Authority and developing software to easily setup and manage a Certification Authority.

The software development side of the of the project is further divided into the following sub-projects:

•  OpenCA PKI, a full featured PKI package.
•  LibPKI, a library for PKI application development.
•  OpenCA OCSPD, a small, robust Online Certificate Status Protocol daemon.
•  PRQPD Server, a PKI Resource Query Protocol daemon for use in conjunction with the PKI package.
•  OpenCA-ng, a planned project to implement new features and overcome limitations of the current project. (ng stands for "Next Generation")


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