JOnAS v2.4 Tutorial

Emmanuel Cecchet

Rice University/INRIA

Julie Marguerite

Rice University

Table of Contents
How to read this document ?
Enterprise JavaBeans
ObjectWeb and JOnAS
Who do what ?
JOnAS features
JOnAS services
JOnAS requirements
Software requirements
Hardware requirements
Quick Start
Download JOnAS
Setting up JOnAS environment
Checking that everything is correct
Running your first EJB application
Building the example
Running the example
Getting and installing the software
JavaTM2 Software Development Kit
Web server
JSP/Servlet server
JOnAS EJB Server
Getting and installing the binary distribution
Getting the source distribution
Using the CVS repository
Apache Ant
Configuring your environment
Setting up your Java environment
Configuring Apache
Setting up your httpd.conf
Specifying a remote or multiple Tomcat servers
Configuring Tomcat
Environment variables setting
Starting Tomcat with JOnAS/RMI
Starting Tomcat with JOnAS/Jeremie
Large number of servlets in Tomcat
Configuring Ant
Configuring JOnAS
Compiling the source distribution
Setting your environment
Getting started with JOnAS
Overview of the tools
Starting and stopping JOnAS
JOnAS configuration files
Database access
Loading and unloading Beans
Loading beans using
Loading beans using JonasAdmin
Unloading beans
JOnAS administration
Running multiple JOnAS servers
Autonomous servers
Distributing the beans over several servers
Session Beans
Finding the example application
Building the example
Running the example
Understanding Session Beans
The deployment descriptor
Entity Beans
Finding the example application
Building the example
Configuring the database access
Defining a datasource
Creating the database
Running the example
Understanding Entity Beans
The deployment descriptor
Message-Driven Beans
Building the examples
Running the examples
Understanding Message-Driven Beans
The deployment descriptor
Accessing beans from a Servlet
Quick introduction to Servlets
Retrieving a home interface and creating a bean
Initiating a transaction from a Servlet
Accessing beans from a JSP
Quick introduction to JSP
Accessing a bean from a JSP
The Alarm application
Application architecture overview
Finding the alarm application
Setting up the application
Configuring Tomcat (more)
Configuring the database access
Running the alarm demo
Known bugs or limitations
Release documentation
Other documentation
Mailing lists
JOnAS users mailing list
JOnAS team mailing list
Extensive technical support