Adding Packages to Compute Nodes

5.1. Adding Packages to Compute Nodes

Put the package you want to add in:


Where arch is your architecture ("i386", "x86_64" or "ia64").

Create a new XML configuration file that will extend the current compute.xml configuration file:

# /home/install/site-profiles/4.2/nodes
# cp skeleton.xml extend-compute.xml

Inside extend-compute.xml, add the package name by changing the section from:

<package> <!-- insert your package name here --> </package>


<package> your package  </package>


It is important that you enter the base name of the package in extend-compute.xml and not the full name.

For example, if the package you are adding is named XFree86-100dpi-fonts-4.2.0-6.47.i386.rpm, input XFree86-100dpi-fonts as the package name in extend-compute.xml.


If you have multiple packages you'd like to add, you'll need a separate <package> tag for each. For example, to add both the 100 and 75 dpi fonts, the the following lines should be in extend-compute.xml:


Also, make sure that you remove any package lines which do not have a package in them. For example, the file should NOT contain any lines such as:
<package> <!-- insert your package name here --> </package>

Now build a new Rocks distribution. This will bind the new package into a RedHat compatible distribution in the directory /home/install/rocks-dist/....

# cd /home/install
# rocks-dist dist

Now, reinstall your compute nodes.