Upgrade Your Existing Frontend

1.5. Upgrade Your Existing Frontend

If you already have a Rocks cluster, you may choose to upgrade the existing frontend. Below describes the procedure (as well as an explanation of some of the internals).

1.5.1. Frontend Upgrade Internals

We have added code to the Red Hat installer to support upgrading a frontend. Early in the upgrade process (before the root partition is reformatted), our code mounts the existing root partition and extracts the following files:


After all the packages have been installed, our code then merges the contents of the old files with the new files that are now in the root partition. If there is an common entry in both the old and new files, the entry from the new file is put in the resulting merged file and the old entry is discarded.

All non-root partitions will be preserved and remounted when the frontend completes its upgrade. For example, a standard Rocks frontend has a root partition and a partition named /export. The root partition will be reformatted, while the /export will remain intact and will be automatically remounted once the frontend completes its upgrade.