User Testimonials

1. User Testimonials

Quotes from Rocks users. Reprinted with permission.


"I am very impressed by the quality of the NPACI Rocks distro. I consider that your current version of NPACI Rocks saved me a lot of time and trouble setting up my Beowulf cluster."

--Martin Beaudoin, M.Sc.A, ing. IREQ, Quebec, Canada. 


"The NPACI Rocks Cluster Distribution gave us a turnkey solution that worked out of the box. It was a real time-saver when we started with clusters and has proven its stability and usability in our production environment with scientists and students running very demanding tasks."

--Roy Dragseth, M.Sc., The Computer Center, Univ. of Tromso, Norway. 


"Rocks has been the foundation upon which we deliver our Linux High Performance Computing cluster solutions to our PAYING customers. The ease of installation and if needed specialised configurations makes it possible to meet our various customers unique requirements.

The Rocks methodology also means the ability to deliver a robust and scalable cluster solutions to customers. The ease of management afforded by Rocks means customers can concentrate on their scientific computing instead of worrying about the management of their cluster."

--Laurence Liew, Scalable Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore. 


"I am extremely happy with the performance of the NPACI Rocks cluster distribution. I have been installing clusters for the past 5 years and have tried Scyld, OSCAR, and various "roll-your-own" techniques. In my experience, Rocks clusters provide the right combination of stability, maintainability, and ease of installation."

--Tim Carlson, PhD, PNNL, Richland, WA. 


"As the sole cluster operations administrator charged with the management of our 301 node high performance computing cluster, a distribution such as NPACI Rocks allows me to deliver on the promise I made to provide a stable computational infrastructure. It feels as if I have a crew of admin's and engineers working with me by having the team at NPACI Rocks answering questions & providing assistance."

--Steve Jones, Iceberg Cluster, Bio-X at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. 


"We tried several clustering alternatives before settling on Rocks as our default system two years ago. It has proven easy to install, configure, extend, and use. It is extremely robust in production, and now forms the core computing environment for Northwestern Chemistry's Theory Group. It also evangalizes well to other groups once they see it in operation."

--Frederick P. Arnold, Jr, NUIT, Northwestern University, Evanston IL.