CVS Access to the Rocks Source Tree

6.2. CVS Access to the Rocks Source Tree

Anonymous read-only access is provided in two forms:

6.2.1. Read-Only Access to CVS

The following CVS modules are currently available for anonymous read-only access:

Table 6-7. Rocks CVS Modules

Module Name Description
rocks-src All Rocks source code and the repackaged contributed source code.
rocks-doc All Rocks documentation (documentation source to build this web site, Rocks talks, Rocks press releases, etc.).

To checkout a module, first you need to login:

$ cvs login

This will ask for a password. No password is required, just enter an empty password.

After anonymously logging in, checkout a source tree (where module is one of the above CVS modules):

$ cvs checkout module

For example, to checkout all the code within the rocks-src module, execute:

$ cvs checkout rocks-src

After initial checkout, you can change into this directory and execute cvs commands without the -d option. For example:

$ cvs update

6.2.2. Read-Write Access to CVS

Send a copy of your public ssh version 1 key (e.g., ~/.ssh/ to, and a short note explaining why you need write access. If you do not already have an ssh key on your client machine, simply run ssh-keygen -t rsa1 to build one.

Once we receive your public key, we will create an account for you and provide instructions on how to access the repository.