HA-JDBC - High Availability JDBC

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HA-JDBC is a JDBC proxy that provides light-weight, transparent, fault tolerant clustering capability to any underlying JDBC driver.

• Supports any database accessible via JDBC.
• High-availability/Fault Tolerance - An HA-JDBC database cluster can lose a node without failing/corrupting open transactions.
• Live activation/deactivation allows for maintenance/upgrading of a database node without loss of service.
• Improves performance of concurrent read-access by distributing load across individual nodes.
• Supports full JDBC 3.0 and 4.0 feature set.
• Out-of-the-box database-independent strategies for synchronizing a failed cluster node.
• Exposes JMX management interface to allow administration of databases and clusters.
• Ability to add/subtract database nodes to/from a cluster at runtime.
• Can be configured to auto-activate failed database nodes during scheduled off-peak times.
• Open source (LGPL).


• HA-JDBC Documentation


• http://ha-jdbc.sourceforge.net
• http://sourceforge.net/projects/ha-jdbc/
• http://download.huihoo.com/ha-jdbc/