Chapter 6. The Device File System

Table of Contents
devfs_register — Register a device entry.
devfs_unregister — Unregister a device entry.
devfs_mk_dir — Create a directory in the devfs namespace.
devfs_find_handle — Find the handle of a devfs entry.
devfs_get_flags — Get the flags for a devfs entry.
devfs_get_maj_min — Get the major and minor numbers for a devfs entry.
devfs_get_handle_from_inode — Get the devfs handle for a VFS inode.
devfs_generate_path — Generate a pathname for an entry, relative to the devfs root.
devfs_get_ops — Get the device operations for a devfs entry.
devfs_set_file_size — Set the file size for a devfs regular file.
devfs_get_info — Get the info pointer written to private_data of @de upon open.
devfs_set_info — Set the info pointer written to private_data upon open.
devfs_get_parent — Get the parent device entry.
devfs_get_first_child — Get the first leaf node in a directory.
devfs_get_next_sibling — Get the next sibling leaf node. for a device entry.
devfs_auto_unregister — Configure a devfs entry to be automatically unregistered.
devfs_get_unregister_slave — Get the slave entry which will be automatically unregistered.
devfs_register_chrdev — Optionally register a conventional character driver.
devfs_register_blkdev — Optionally register a conventional block driver.
devfs_unregister_chrdev — Optionally unregister a conventional character driver.
devfs_unregister_blkdev — Optionally unregister a conventional block driver.