8.4 Environment variables


Location of the CVS tree. Essential.

# CVSROOT=/home/ncvs; export CVSROOT

If set and not empty, the makefiles will build and install only the English documents. All translations will be ignored. E.g.:

# make ENGLISH_ONLY=YES all install

If you want to unset the variable ENGLISH_ONLY and build all pages, including translations, set the variable ENGLISH_ONLY to an empty value:

# make ENGLISH_ONLY="" all install clean

If set and not empty, the makefiles will build and install only the HTML pages from the www directory. All documents from the doc directory (Handbook, FAQ, Tutorials) will be ignored. E.g.:

# make WEB_ONLY=YES all install

If set, the makefiles will not checkout files from the ports cvs repository. Instead, it will copy the files from /usr/ports (or where the variable PORTSBASE points to).

CVSROOT is an environment variable. You must set it on the command line or in your dot files (e.g., ~/.profile).

WEB_ONLY, ENGLISH_ONLY and NOPORTSCVS are makefile variables. You can set the variables in /etc/make.conf, Makefile.inc, as environment variables on the command line, or in your dot files.

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