A.4 CVS Tags

When obtaining or updating sources from cvs and CVSup a revision tag (reference to a date in time) must be specified.

A revision tag refers to either a particular line of DragonFly development, or a specific point in time. The first type are called ``branch tags'', the second type are called ``release tags''.

A.4.1 Branch Tags

The DragonFly tree has no branch tags at the current time.

A.4.2 Release Tags

These tags correspond to the DragonFly src/ tree at a specific point in time, when a particular version was released.


The latest bleeding-edge DragonFly code. Be warned that this is considered unstable and possibly may not build or compile at any time.


A "preview" of the latest bleeding-edge DragonFly code. The main purpose of the Preview tag is to support those users who want a fairly recent snapshot at a "reasonably stable" point in development. Under normal conditions, one should consider syncing Preview at least once a month.


DragonFly 1.2


DragonFly 1.0

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