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Chief CORBA Scientist, IONA Technologies
Managing Director, Object Oriented Concepts Pty Ltd
Object Oriented Concepts Pty Ltd (ABN 86 088 779 926)
Suite 4, 8 Martha St
Camp Hill 4152
Brisbane, Australia
Phone:  +61 7 3324 9633
Mobile: +61 4 1118 2700
Fax:    +61 7 3324 9799
Object Oriented Concepts Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Object Oriented Concepts Inc.
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How To Pronounce My Name:

Frequently, people ask me how to pronounce my name. Quite a lot of speculation has been circulating around this topic, including musings about the relative "gutturalness" of the Scottish "ch" (as in "Loch") versus the Bavarian "ch" (as in "Kochtopf" ;-) To settle the argument once and for all, I decided to put up a wave file with myself speaking my name. I figured that this would be the definitive answer to how to pronounce my name, seeing (or, more accurately, hearing) that this is how I pronounce it myself :-)

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