Portable Object Adapter (POA) 


The Portable Object Adapter Specification was introduced in CORBA 2.2 (released in Feb 1998). Only recently has the ORB Portability IDL/Java Language Mapping been made available. The following pages have been revised and are now based on the CORBA 2.3 IDL/Java Language Mapping (which differs from previous versions).


The POA Specification introduces some new vocabulary so please familiarize yourself with the following:


Object instances of a particular class implemented in a programming language like Java or C++.


Starting an existing CORBA object.


Shutting down of an active CORBA object.

Object ID

Identifier used to name an object within the scope of its OA.


Association of a servant body with a virtual CORBA object so that it may service requests.


Destruction of the association between the CORBA object and its servant.

Active Object Map

Table maintained by an OA that maps its active CORBA objects and their servants via Object IDs.

Changes in CORBA Inheritance approach:

The CORBA 2.3 IDL/Java Language Mapping also specifies changes in files generated as well as the inheritance structure. For the inheritance approach, the mapping specifies the creation of a <interface>POA class.

Changes in CORBA Delegation approach:

The CORBA 2.3 IDL/Java Language Mapping specifies the creation of a <interface>POATie class.