CIAO - Component-Integrated ACE ORB


CIAO is TAO's implementation of CORBA Component Model (CCM) specially optimized for distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems. This page contains links to other documents and resources for building and using CIAO.

The CIAO Project

CCM-defined Interface Diagrams

Here is a set of UML diagrams that we use to figure out the relationship among all the different interfaces in CCM. You can browse the related part from the following list: All these diagrams are generated from the CCM.vsd Visio file (The same file in Visio V.5 format is here.) and OpenOffice source file DAnCE-Dynamic.sxd

CIAO's D&C Framework (DAnCE) part-by-part

DAnCE's implementation is based on the OMG's Deployment and Configuration Specification version [ptc/2003-07-08]. Here is a list of the major actors of CIAO runtime that a user should be aware of.

CIAO CCM tutorials

There are several tutorials to help you understand CIAO and CCM: