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新研究表明Solaris 10优于Red Hat

2008年2月2日 没有评论

一项Sun赞助的研究结果表明: Solaris 10优于Red Hat, 此报告名为 << The Solaris(TM) 10 Advantage:Understanding the Real Cost of (R) Ownership of Red Hat  Enterprise
(R) Linux>> , 供大家参考。

PostgreSQL Yum Repository 已经可用

2008年1月9日 没有评论

一个针对 Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS Linux 发行版的 PostgreSQL软件仓库已经可用。用户可通过 Yum 的方式安装、更新 PostgreSQL 软件包。

Available PostgreSQL Releases

  • 8.3
  • 8.2
  • 8.1
  • 8.0
  • 7.4
  • 7.3

Available Platforms

  • Fedora 7,8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3,4,5
  • CentOS 3,4,5

Available Architectures

  • x86 (i686)
  • x86_64


* As root, cd /etc/yum.repos.d
* Edit distro’s .repo file:
— On Fedora, edit fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo, [fedora] sections
— On CentOS, edit CentOS-Base.repo, [base] and [updates] sections.
* Add
to the bottom of the section.

Please visit for details.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 发布

2007年11月10日 没有评论

RHEL 5.1 是 RHEL 5 第一次重要更新, 包括如下增强:

1. Virtualization improvements
–Completion of virtualization support on Itanium2 platforms
–Improved support for FV guests
–New Xen 3.1.0 hypervisor
2. New kernel features includes
–Ext3 filesystem now fully supports filesystem sizes of up to 16TB
–IPv6 improvements
3. Hardware support enhancements
4. Other notable additions
–Smartcard support for SSH
–Improved support for autofs load balancing with replicated servers

More Detail: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 General Availability Announcement

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Red Hat Developer Studio Beta1 发布

2007年8月16日 没有评论

Red Hat Developer Studio 是一款基于 Eclipse 的集成开发环境, 整个开发环境包含 Red Hat & JBoss 家族的众多产品: Exadel Studio Pro, RichFaces, and Ajax4jsf — with the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which includes JBoss Seam, Hibernate, and the JBoss Application Server runtime, 此环境是开发 Enterprise Java, Ajax, 和 SOA 应用的理想平台, 包含以下功能:

  • A seamless, unified programming model: Developer Studio leverages and provides new tools around JBoss Seam to build applications in a single, consistent manner. Today, the type of application typically dictates the programming model that a developer uses, which means that developers must learn to use many different models. JBoss Seam, currently being standardized as Web Beans in the Java Community Process, offers a simple, unified model for developing any type of application, thus eliminating the need for multiple programming models.
  • Powerful Ajax capabilities: Developer Studio provides a powerful and integrated Ajax development environment with JBoss Seam and JBoss Ajax4jsf frameworks, JBoss RichFaces rich Web components, and What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) tools for creating Ajax-enabled Web pages and interfaces.
  • Comprehensive Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (EE) tooling: Developer Studio makes building Java EE applications easy, with capabilities like two-way visual (WYSIWYG) and source editing of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Facelets pages, dynamic code assist, and a rich component palette. Furthermore, by including and integrating JBoss Application Server, Developer Studio simplifies deploying, running, and debugging Java EE applications.
  • An integrated runtime with the developer tools: Developer Studio is the first open source Eclipse-based development environment that brings together the runtime with the tools. This eliminates the need for developers to cobble together different open source frameworks and components before they could start developing. Now, developers have an out-of-the-box IDE for all their development, from enterprise Java to Ajax to Linux development.

此发行包有500多M. 请大家耐心下载.


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Red Hat/JBoss 进入电信市场

2007年7月3日 没有评论

Red Hat 发布了 Red Hat/ JBoss Communications Platform, Red Hat/ JBoss Communications Platform 基于 Mobicents 项目.

Mobicents 是一个 Open Source SLEE and SIP Server, 支持 JAIN SLEESIP标准.

Red Hat 这一产品的发布也预示着 JBoss 正式进入电信市场. JBoss 已不在是一个单纯的 Java EE应用服务器, 同时也向 JSLEE + SIP 应用服务器方向发展. 此前, BEA 也发布了自己通信平台产品.

Java 技术也努力在电信领域寻求更大的突破.

有关 Java 在电信领域的更多信息请访问:

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2006年10月30日 1 条评论

拉里·埃利森在Oracle OpenWorld大会的主题演讲中宣布为Linux提供企业级支持, 现在起至2007年1月31日: 凡购买Linux支持服务的客户可享受半价优惠;Oracle客户可免费试用。

Oracle 开始进入 Red Hat, SUSE 的企业级 Linux 服务与支持领域。

新一轮企业级 Linux 的战役即将打响。
Oracle and Linux: