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文章标签 ‘PostgreSQL’ 公开源代码

2009年7月27日 没有评论 是一个代码主机托管和软件协作平台,  目前已开放整个平台源代码, 基于AGPLv3许可协议发布. 基于 Python, Zope, PostgreSQL 构建, 运行在Ubuntu上.

其中, 核心部分使用了 Zope 的 zope.interface 用于Interfaces , zope.component 用于 Adapters 和 Utilities, Storm 用于对象-数据库的ORM.



PostgreSQL 8.3 正式发布

2008年2月5日 没有评论

昨日, PostgreSQL开发组正式发布 PostgreSQL 8.3, 这是一个令人激动的版本.

其中, 在性能方面包含以下令人兴奋的功能:

  • Heap Only Tuples
  • BGWriter Autotuning
  • Asynchronous Commit
  • Spread Checkpoints
  • Synchronous Scan
  • “Var-Varlena”
  • L2 Cache Protection
  • Lazy XID

同样, 对PostgreSQL开发者和管理员来说也包含以下一些很Cool的功能:

  • CSV Logging
  • MS Visual C++ support
  • ENUMs
  • Integrated Tsearch
  • Composite Type Arrays
  • pg_standby

在此版本中,用户可通过Stack Builder安装额外驱动程序、模块及其他软件来完善PostgreSQL的安装。


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PostgreSQL Yum Repository 已经可用

2008年1月9日 没有评论

一个针对 Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS Linux 发行版的 PostgreSQL软件仓库已经可用。用户可通过 Yum 的方式安装、更新 PostgreSQL 软件包。

Available PostgreSQL Releases

  • 8.3
  • 8.2
  • 8.1
  • 8.0
  • 7.4
  • 7.3

Available Platforms

  • Fedora 7,8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3,4,5
  • CentOS 3,4,5

Available Architectures

  • x86 (i686)
  • x86_64


* As root, cd /etc/yum.repos.d
* Edit distro’s .repo file:
— On Fedora, edit fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo, [fedora] sections
— On CentOS, edit CentOS-Base.repo, [base] and [updates] sections.
* Add
to the bottom of the section.

Please visit for details.

PostgreSQL 8.2 正式发布

2006年12月6日 2 条评论

在经过了8个月的开发和5个月的集成测试后,PostgreSQL 全球开发组宣布正式发布 PostgreSQL 8.2 .


  • Higher performance (+20% on OLTP tests)
  • Improved Warm standby databases
  • Online index builds
  • SQL2003 aggregates
  • Improved TSearch2 with Generalized Inverted Indexes
  • Support for DTrace probes
  • Advisory Locks
  • New ISN/ISBN and pgCrypto modules
  • Selective pg_dump options

此外,有超过300个 patches 包含进了新版本。


下载PostgreSQL 8.2:

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pgAdmin III v1.6.0 发布

2006年11月21日 1 条评论

经过了一年多的开发与测试,包含众多新功能和改进的 pgAdmin III v1.6.0 正式发布,大家可从这里下载使用。


  • PostgreSQL 8.2 support:
    • Concurrent index builds.
    • Privilege changes (database CONNECT, and sequence USAGE).
    • Use E” style escape string syntax when required.
    • Shared database comments.
  • Overhaul of server config settings.
  • Allow database and schema display to be restricted.
  • Configurable indents in the SQL editor.
  • Support for language templates.
  • Add -a and -q command line options to auto connect to a server and open a query window respectively.
  • Allow result copy quoting configuration to be set explicitly rather than using the result export settings.
  • Allow set returning functions to be created.
  • Display the client start time on the status dialogue with PostgreSQL 8.1+
  • Add a password file editor.
  • Prevent deletion of the blank item in config editors, and ensure undo will only work on the appropriate line.
  • Allow the number of rows shown in the Edit Grid to be limited and add a ‘View top 100 rows’ option to the table/view context menus.
  • Add autocompletion to the Query Tool, based on the logic used by psql. Triggered with Control+Space, and optionally the Tab key as well.
  • Allow selection and copy of subsets of the columns and rows in the Edit Grid.
  • Add a ‘Favourites’ query organiser to the Query Tool.
  • Display column dependencies.
  • Minimal linking for pgAgent under *nix.
  • Reject invalid command line options in pgAgent.
  • Allow the admin modules to be built with PGXS if required.
  • Enhance the query tool to allow copy/paste of arbitrary groups of columns, rows or individual cells.
  • Allow the tab character to be used as the clipboard column separator to allow pasting of query results straight into apps like Excel, or OOo Calc.
  • Use virtual data table for Query Tool, to eliminate retrieval time.
  • Add CREATE/INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT script menu options for various object types to create script templates.
  • Pre-encrypt passwords before sending them down the wire, or displaying them in SQL statements.
  • Add an internal XML reporting API, HTML XSL stylesheet with XSLT processing capabilities and selection of schema/object/data reports.
  • Allow pasting of entire rows in the View Data tool.
  • Allow the user to choose whether or not to restore the environment when reconnecting to a particular server.
  • Detect and warn the user of concurrent edits of functions, views and job steps.
  • Add brace highlighting to the SQL Text Box control.
  • Add a word wrap option to the query tool editor.
  • Add options to show line ends and whitespaces in the query tool.
  • Highlight the error word in the query tool if a syntax error is reported by the database.
  • Display, and allow null values to be set in boolean columns in the Edit Grid.
  • Retain values in the edit grid following a failed insert or update.
  • Display non-default op classes in index definitions.
  • Add a pgAgent option to log to a file on *nix.
  • Add a new Find & Replace dialogue to the query tool, implementing all the normal Find & Replace options as well as a powerful regular expression search mode.
  • Add ‘scratch pads’ to the Edit Grid and Query Tool windows to use when copying and pasting data back and forth.
  • Make elements of the main windows dockable for maximum configurability.
  • Add -qc switch to open query tool and autoconnect using a connection string.
  • Add support for building Mac Universal Binaries.
  • Use SQL standard type names where appropriate. Show them as ‘aliases’ in the browser.
  • Hide binary data (bytea) in the edit grid.

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PostgreSQL 8.2 Beta 2 放出

2006年10月28日 没有评论

PostgreSQL 8.2beta2 已经放出,项目进入到 Beta 测试阶段,PostgreSQL 8.2 正式版发布时间也还没有确定下来,我们期待更多的爱好者参与 PostgreSQL 8.2 Beta的测试工作, 一同努力早日推出 PostgreSQL 8.2 . PostgreSQl 8.2 在以下方面做了修改和提升:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Server Changes
  • Query Changes
  • Object Manipulation Changes
  • Utility Command Changes
  • Date/Time Changes
  • Other Data Type and Function Changes
  • PL/PgSQL Server-Side Language Changes
  • PL/Perl Server-Side Language Changes
  • PL/Python Server-Side Language Changes
  • psql Changes
  • pg_dump Changes
  • libpq Changes
  • ecpg Changes
  • Win32 Port
  • Source Code Changes
  • Contrib Changes

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