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Python驱动的ERP/CRM解决方案: Open ERP

2009年8月15日 没有评论

Open ERP 使用Python语言开发,数据库采用PostgreSQL,系统以GNU GPL开源协议发布。


客户端用户界面是基于GTK的,同时支持Linux和Windows平台。目前还有基于TurboGears的eTiny Web客户端,在后续版本会放弃TurboGears,而采用性能更高的CherryPy3 + Mako

Open ERP 很有创新的项目是 Open Object, 它是一个基于 Python 的企业应用快速开发框架, 这可能是Open ERP最吸引人和最大的亮点。

服务端的 Web Services 设计, 使其支持 SOAP, XML-RPC, NET-RPC , 这样未来能更好的支持 SOA 体系结构。


看来 Open ERP 未来会朝 SOA + BPM 大踏步迈进, Open ERP + SOA + BPM = Agility Business, Open Business

Open ERP 值得期待 :)


2007年8月4日 没有评论

移动 CRM 是什么?它具有怎样的特性,它的商业价值在哪里?它的前景又如何?


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2007年8月4日 没有评论



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甲骨文Siebel 托管型CRM上市

2007年8月4日 没有评论

甲骨文近日发布了Siebel CRM On Demand,首次重视了产品的可用性。此产品现已上市,起价为每用户每月70美元。甲骨文看上去已作好了投入到SaaS的客户需求之中的准备。

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SOA 和 SaaS 最可能在 ERP 和 CRM 领域中结合?

2007年7月16日 没有评论

如果面向服务架构(service-oriented architecture, SOA) 和软件即服务(Software as a Service, SaaS) 的结合是应用交付和集成的未来, 那就让我们来看看 Workday 公司是如何做到得, 他们是如何将 SOA 和 SaaS 结合的. 该公司发布了第一个随需应变的基于 Web Services 的人力资源产品: Human Capital Management, HCM, 目前该产品已经有了12个客户, 其中就包括

或许, 在需要和工资系统、福利系统和公司的大的帐务系统进行交互的人力资源应用的例子中, 客户现在才刚开始认识到 SOA 和 SaaS 的结合所带了的好处.

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Compiere获600万美金风投 开源企业级应用迎来艳阳天?(ZT)

2006年6月21日 2 条评论

Open-Source ERP Vendor Compiere Gets $6M Funding

Compiere has secured its first external funding to the tune of US$6 million and is planning to relocate its headquarters, the open-source midmarket business applications company said Tuesday.

The vendor makes the open-source integrated ERP and CRM Compiere software that can be used on-premise or can be hosted. In a different take on the traditional open-source model, the company focuses on developing and supporting the software, leaving product distribution to its 70-plus global partner network. There are currently about 240 paying Compiere customers, along with more than 1 million downloads of the open-source software.

Compiere plans to use the funds from venture capital investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to enhance its software to better serve its partners’ needs, said Jorg Janke, founder and chief executive officer of Compiere. In particular, the company intends to expand its manufacturing and CRM capabilities. Previously, the Compiere software was more heavily weighted toward providing ERP functionality.

Currently employing fewer than 10 people, Compiere looks to hire more staff and move from Portland, Ore., to California’s Bay Area, Janke said. The main reason for the move is to have access to a larger pool of skilled ERP developers, he added. Compiere is looking at real estate in Silicon Valley and hopes to relocate within a month.

In the midmarket space, Compiere competes with Oracle in terms of the technology it acquired from J.D. Edwards and Microsoft with the software it gained through buying Great Plains Software and Navision, Janke said.

Compiere’s software runs on Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Unix and supports Oracle’s database. Janke expects to add support for the open-source Apache Derby database in July. Derby is based on the Cloudscape database that IBM made available to the open-source community last year.

After Derby, Compiere next plans to support IBM’s DB2 and later Microsoft’s SQL Server, Janke said.

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