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JBoss Seam 2.0.0 发布

2007年11月8日 没有评论

JBoss Seam 2.0.0 已经发布. JBoss Seam 是构建下一代 Web 2.0 应用的强大框架. JBoss Seam 凝聚并整合了 Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Java Server Faces (JSF), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB3), Java Portlets and Business Process Management (BPM) 等技术.

JBoss Seam 2.0.0 的新功能有. 其中的亮点包括:

* The Seam component model now supports web services, including direct support for conversational web services
* Seam components can now be written in Groovy
* New improved EL syntax
* Integration with Quartz, Hibernate Search and JFreeChart
* Support for JSF 1.2, as well as support for non-JSF environments like GWT
* Eclipse IDE support in the next release of JBossTools, including Seam project wizards, EL code completion, a visual JSF editor, hot deployment and test integration

来自 TheServerSide 的讨论


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JBoss Portal 2.6 发布

2007年7月3日 没有评论 已正式发布 JBoss Portal 2.6, 新版在个性化, 身份验证和工作流方面有重大提升. 此外, 通过整合 Google Gadgets 提升了用户的生产力. JBoss Portal 2.6 也将是 JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 的基础.

JBoss Portal 2.6 新功能主要集中在以下方面:

  • Advanced Personalization: Now users can personalize individual portlets, including themes, layouts, and portlet content, to increase the productivity of specific roles and people within a business process or collaboration effort. Further enhancements include user created user interfaces, drag-and-drop portlets, personalized dashboards and more granular controlled access at the portlet level.
  • Usability Improvements: These include portal and user administration as well as content management. Portlets may be managed overall or for individual instances including default definition. User administration simplifies user creation, provides a list-based view, and includes user search. Basic content management provided out-of-the-box now includes action-based management within a familiar directory view.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Workflow: JBoss jBPM provides content management approval workflow in a configurable process that enables or disables this role-based approval capability.
  • Additional Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Support: WSRP support offers expanded functionality beyond the basic producer and consumer profiles. Version 2.6 adds implicit cloning capability to both the producer and consumer and supports advanced WSRP profiles.
  • Identity: With JBoss Portal 2.6, developers have pre-built LDAP integration with LDAP server. Supported servers include Red Hat Directory Server, OpenDS, and OpenLDAP.
  • Google Gadget Integration: Now, developers have a simplified way to drop any Google Gadget as portlets. Google Gadgets are mini-applications that work with the Google homepage, Google Desktop, or any page on the web and can range from simple HTML to complex applications. Examples include a calendar, a weather globe, or a media player.

More Detail:



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Red Hat/JBoss 进入电信市场

2007年7月3日 没有评论

Red Hat 发布了 Red Hat/ JBoss Communications Platform, Red Hat/ JBoss Communications Platform 基于 Mobicents 项目.

Mobicents 是一个 Open Source SLEE and SIP Server, 支持 JAIN SLEESIP标准.

Red Hat 这一产品的发布也预示着 JBoss 正式进入电信市场. JBoss 已不在是一个单纯的 Java EE应用服务器, 同时也向 JSLEE + SIP 应用服务器方向发展. 此前, BEA 也发布了自己通信平台产品.

Java 技术也努力在电信领域寻求更大的突破.

有关 Java 在电信领域的更多信息请访问:

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JBoss Tools 正式公开亮相

2007年6月27日 没有评论

JBoss 携同新加入的 Exadel 集体亮相, 共同打造 JBoss 全新的开发平台: JBoss Tools .

JBoss Tools 的定位: Eclipse Plugins for JBoss technology, 没有出现 NetBeans的身影, 看来 JBoss 的重点还是先发展基于 Eclipse 的产品和技术, 对 NetBeans 的支持就先放一放, 以后再说 .

JBoss Tools  包含以下 Modules:

  • RichFaces VE
  • Seam Tools
  • Hibernate Tools
  • JBoss AS Tools
  • Drools IDE
  • JBPM Tools
  • JBossWS Tools

JBoss Tools 项目主页:

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JBoss 4.2 发布

2007年5月26日 没有评论

JBoss 4.2 已经发布,现在大家可以在 JBoss 4.2 上编写 Java EE 5.0 应用了,

JBoss 4.2 包括以下新特性:

  • Tomcat 6.0, which adds support for JSP 2.1 and Servlet 2.5
  • JavaServer Faces 1.2 integration
  • JBoss Transactions (Arjuna) JTA 4.2.3 as the default transaction monitor
  • The latest Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 implementation
  • Support for Hibernate 3.2.3

下载: JBoss 4.2

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JBoss Seam Plugin for NetBeans 已经可用

2007年4月24日 没有评论

SUN 公司的 Petr Pisl 发布了 NetBeans 的 JBoss Seam plugin. Michael Yuan 也在其 Blog 中描述了如何在 NetBeans 中安装 JBoss Seam , 如何进行 JBoss Seam 应用的开发.

Download and install the Seam module in NetBeans 5.5.1.

Source:First Release of Seam Plugin for NetBeans!

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